Iron Clays & Spades

Created by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games

Our most popular Iron Clays items can now be found at! This page remains open to sell the limited quantities of chip sleeves and wooden boxes we have remaining. Luxury tabletop game counters, elegant storage containers, and beautifully designed playing cards in letter pressed boxes.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

STATUS REPORT - 2020.04.23 - First Deliveries Made! Wooden Chest Care Tutorial! Steampunk Rally FUSION Launches Tuesday!
over 1 year ago – Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 12:53:04 AM

TL;DR: First deliveries have been made and fulfillment is under way; but delays are still realistic, particularly in the EU. Watch the Iron Clays Wooden Chest Usage & Care Tutorial below, as well as the teaser for Steampunk Rally Fusion, launching Tuesday, April the 28th on Kickstarter! 

Deliveries Have Officially Begun!

Our first official delivery confirmation was for a supporter in Oregon, two days ago! 

Fulfullment schedule updates, by zone:

Asia: VFI is proceeding with shipments as planned; we have no reports of delays, so Chinese customers should be fulfilled quickly; we are still waiting for confirmation of successful imports to Southeast Asian countries. 

Australia / New Zealand: Freight arrival is not yet confirmed, but is expected to arrive this week. Backer lists have been uploaded to Gameology, and are currently expected to begin fulfilling in the first week of May.

Canada: Freight is expected to arrive at Hubtrotter early next week (although it has not yet cleared customs, so there is still a minor possibility of a delay there). The warehouse has the backer list already, and should need 1-2 weeks to begin shipping.

EU: Due to COVID-19, Gamesquest was briefly shut down at the recommendation of UK authorities, but has resumed limited shipping since our last update and their administrative staff have been working with us to receive the backer list, make address corrections, accept deliveries, etc. in preparation for a smooth fulfillment. There is a small backlog for them to send first because of this, and the shipping situation in the EU itself remains complex and disrupted. Postal services are operating at different speeds and levels of service in different countries, and this is still changing from week to week; it is likely that some countries will begin fulfilling before others do. We don't yet have a complete picture of this, but are communicating regularly with Gamesquest and will update you with specifics as we are able to confirm them.

USA: Despite operating with reduced staff, FunAgain has generated and sent tracking numbers for over half of American backers, and a few dozen are now showing as already received. If they are able to maintain this pace, most US backers should have a tracking number this week or next week. (If you haven't received yours by late next week, please double check your spam/bulk folder, but don't panic yet; fulfillment is expected to slow as it goes as batches of similar orders are the first ones processed.)

If there is an issue with your delivery (the shipment is returned, the address is incorrect, the wrong products have been sent, etc.), please message with the details, and we will assist. 

(If there is damage to your shipping box, please try to document this BEFORE opening it; dedicated shippers were constructed specially for this campaign, so if there are issues with the product we can best assist if there is documentation of the box and the packaging materials as well as the contents. As stated in the original KS FAQ, we want you to be happy with what you have ordered, and will work with you to find a solution if you are unhappy with what you have received.)

Iron Clays Wooden Chest Usage & Care Tutorial 

(Note: this video was made with a prototype; the final version has additional printing on the drawers and sides.)

-  Because of the real wood veneers, please note that your box will feature natural variations in pattern and texture. 

- If your Chest or trays are affected by a spill, it is important to not leave it submerged in water or other liquids.  Wipe it clean right away, and allow it to dry in the open air.

- The Chest is designed as furniture for your gaming area. If you decide to transport it to a game night, be sure to carry it in a specialized bag or padded backpack, to avoid scratches or damage to the exterior. 

- One thing to keep in mind is that the Chest is designed as a storage unit for the chip trays, rather than for the chips themselves. One of our main design goals was to easily allow you to easily transport your Chest from your shelf to your game table. To achieve this, the rear of your Chest features strong magnets to hold the drawers in place, to greatly reduce the probability that they will fall out when moving your Chest to and from your game area. When ready to play, remove the chip tray entirely and place it near the game; we recommend pulling on both knobs of the drawer so that it comes out straight and smoothly, rather than pulling to one side.

Steampunk Rally Fusion launches on Tuesday!

This stand-alone expansion to Steampunk Rally will have you powering up your machines like never before, with all new tracks, inventors, and machine parts!

Gear Up and Overcharge your machine parts for maximum performance!  
Use powerful and versatile Fusion dice, to drive your invention beyond factory recommended tolerances!
Build and reveal your Secret Project, for a decisive late-game advantage!
Mess with your opponents with diabolical new Boost cards!
Prove once more that you are the greatest inventor of ALL TIME!

JOIN US this Tuesday, April the 28th, to be part of the experience!

Our next update is scheduled for Thursday, May 7th, 2020. (Please note that this is during the Steampunk Rally Fusion Kickstarter campaign, so it will not be a long update, although we will continue to include the latest information regarding delays and disruptions.)

Keep rollin' sixes,

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley

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STATUS REPORT - 2020.04.09 - BackerKit Lockdown Next Week; First Fulfillments THIS MONTH!
over 1 year ago – Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 03:34:19 AM

TL;DR: BackerKit closes late Monday; please check (and update if necessary) your address via your original survey link. Shipments should begin in all zones this month, with the rest being shipped in May.

BackerKit Closes Monday!

This Monday, Team Roxley will be locking down this campaign at the end of the business day. 

We'd like to thank all of you who have already taken the time to double check and update your shipping address in the last couple of weeks! 

For everyone who has not, if you've moved recently, or if you were planning to receive your pledge at a business that is temporarily closed for physical distancing, please check and update your shipping address via your original survey link. (Most backers will see a button near the top right of the screen that reads "Edit Your Address". If that doesn't work for you, or if you have last minute changes or requests, please message us at with the details.)

Deliveries are beginning in all zones, but delays and disruptions are still expected to interfere with the schedule. If your shipment is delayed, don't panic; it's still coming, and will be held until it can be sent safely. (If your package is sent back mistakenly, please contact us with the details. Chances are good we will already be in the process of fixing this, but the more information the better.)

Timelines by Location

Team Roxley has been in regular contact with all of our partners for the latest news and developments, so we can keep you up to date. While delays and disruptions are continuing to change the situation on a nearly regular basis, shipping is still expected to go through in all zones; it's just difficult to guarantee time frames. 

Here's where we stand, as of today:


The Iron Clays & Spades are scheduled to arrive at Gamesquest in the UK within the week. Gamesquest is temporarily shut down, but they have arranged for workers to be there to receive the stock and anticipate being able to resume operations potentially as early as April 20th, but that is a best case scenario; it is more realistic to assume that the bulk of EU customers will be shipped in May. (Brass orders within the EU are currently shipping from HappyShops in Germany, and will not be delayed.)

Note: Individual countries within the EU have also temporarily suspended shipping across borders. If your pledge is affected, your shipment will be delayed until it can be safely delivered.

North America

The Iron Clays have made landfall and are expected to be in fulfillment warehouses midmonth. FunAgain should be able to begin shipping to individual backers during the week of April 20th, with Canadian shipments beginning the following week.

Australia & New Zealand

The Iron Clays and Spades are scheduled to arrive at the Gameology late this month (these were ahead of schedule compared to other areas, but had to clear a delay at the border). All pledges should be shipped to backers by the end of the first week of May. 


VFI is reporting that Asian logistics are currently stable; they are expected to receive their stock next week, and begin shipping to local hubs shortly thereafter. Because many of their shipping hubs are in different countries, this may result in very different fulfillment times for customers in this zone. Direct shipments (such as to China & Hong Kong) should not take long, however customers in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam may have to wait to receive their shipments in June or July, depending on current events and border restrictions.

Our next update is scheduled for Thursday, April 23rd, 2020.

Keep rollin' sixes,

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley

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STATUS REPORT - 2020.03.26 - The Iron Clays Are At Sea!
over 1 year ago – Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 03:43:28 AM

TL;DR: The Iron Clays are finally en route! They are currently scheduled to arrive at all of our fulfillment centres in April. Our schedule currently has these shipping out in May, but border and/or industry delays are still very realistic in all zones.  We are in regular contact with all of our partners, and will continue to keep you updated every two weeks.

We Are Still Moving Forward

Roxley staff are still working from home, and as of this morning, all of our fulfillment partners were still shipping and delivering. In a perfect world, the first shipments of Iron Clays and Spades will begin arriving on people's doorsteps in May; however, delays to this date are unfortunately very realistic.

We are continuing to monitor the news and stay in regular contact with our fulfillment partners in all zones. Disruptions are happening in the industry, and while so far most of them will have little impact on us so far (example: is no longer shipping games, but that doesn't affect us), tomorrow's news is difficult to predict.

We have heard that many EU countries are temporarily halting shipping in the same way that China did, to establish safety and stability while new health protocols are rolled out, and that we should expect to see these restrictions lifted the same way once this is done. (France, we are told, has apparently already lifted theirs. Other countries that were listed include--but may not be limited to--Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, and Portugal. )

If your country's border is closed to packages when fulfillment happens, there is no need to stress. Our fulfillment partners will hold your pledge until the restrictions are lifted. 

NOTE: If your shipping address is a business, FLGS, or organization that is going to be temporarily closed for social distancing, please message us at with a revised name/address/phone number to ship it to (or a request to delay your pledge until you have this information). 

Our next update is scheduled for Thursday, April 9th, 2020.

Keep rollin' sixes,

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley

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STATUS REPORT - 2020.03.12 - Keeping Our Fingers Crossed (But Washing Them First)
over 1 year ago – Fri, Mar 13, 2020 at 03:08:33 AM

TL;DR: Despite the disruptions, the Iron Clays & Spades are scheduled to ship soon to fulfillment centres. Cross your fingers and stay healthy, everybody!

Cross Your Fingers!

Our shipping partners currently have our freight scheduled to leave China in four days' time.

Barring further developments, that still puts us on track for April/May fulfillment to customers. We still cannot guarantee that there will not be further disruptions, so we're watching the news, checking in frequently with our shipping partners, saying a prayer, and crossing our fingers.

To do our own small part to help minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19, Team Roxley have cancelled some upcoming events and will be working from home instead. (The majority of our work is computerized, fortunately... we empathize with those who do not have this option.)

We wish all of you safety, good health, and as little disruption as possible to your lives. Wash your hands, stay educated, and be good to any and all who can use your support!

Our next update is scheduled for Thursday, March 26th, 2020.

Keep rollin' sixes,

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley

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STATUS REPORT - 2020.02.27 - Freight Dates Still Unconfirmed; ETA April/May.
almost 2 years ago – Fri, Feb 28, 2020 at 01:30:16 AM

TL;DR: Freight is moving, but the situation can change quickly; dates cannot be locked in. Our best estimate is that fulfillment will begin in April/May. 

Monitoring the Situation

The news from the media and the internet have been all over the place, but we have been in regular contact with our shipping partners and they are reporting that some freight is leaving from ports in China. Many businesses remain closed or understaffed, and the situation is still subject to change without notice, so it is not yet possible to guarantee what the actual fulfillment dates will be.

Having said that, we can make our best estimate. Based on our shipping partners' updates, our fulfillment partners should most likely receive their stock in April. Once this has happened, they will be able to begin fulfillment to backers within 1-2 weeks. (Given the complexity of this campaign, we will not be asking them to rush this process.) 

Related Customer Service

If you need to update your address or make other changes to your order because of this delay, we can still assist with this. Please message with the details of your request, and we will be happy to help. (Please note that as of this update we are still clearing a backlog of messages, so it may be a few business days before we are able to reply.) 

Steampunk Rally Fusion and Gorilla Marketing at Dice Tower West, SaltCon, and GAMA!

Team Roxley couldn't make it to these events this year, unfortunately - but if you run into our friends from Steeped Games (creators of Chai, and the upcoming Chai: Tea For Two), they have brought Gorilla Marketing and an advance prototype of Steampunk Rally Fusion with them!

Visit Steeped Games to check out both their games and ours, at these upcoming events:

Dice Tower West - Feb. 26-Mar. 1 - Las Vegas, NV
SaltCON Spring - Mar. 5-8 - Layton, UT
Game Manufacturers Association Expo - Mar. 9-12, Reno, NV

Steampunk Rally Fusion is a stand-alone game that can be combined with the original Steampunk Rally. It introduces new tracks with unique event cards, new part abilities (Gear Up and Overcharge), and a new card type: Secret Projects. It also debuts new custom dice representing powerful Fusion energy!

Note: the Kickstarter launch of Steampunk Rally Fusion has been delayed to better accommodate reviewer schedules and the three conventions mentioned above. We will be posting a new date soon! 

The monkeys have taken over the ad agency! 

Gorilla Marketing is a parlour game of naming ridiculous things based on acronyms. Players are out for bananas - naming ridiculous products, companies, movies, etc - and then creating the marketing tag lines for them! Set apart by its unique judging mechanism and beautiful production, Gorilla Marketing will have your game group laughing all night!

Gorilla Marketing will be available at your FLGS, or directly from Roxley, in early March.

Our next update is scheduled for Thursday, March 12th, 2020.

Keep rollin' sixes,

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley

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