Iron Clays & Spades

Created by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games

Luxury tabletop game counters, elegant storage containers, and beautifully designed playing cards in letter pressed boxes.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Three Wishes Granted: 50 Denomination Chip! 400 - Printed Box! 22 Chip Fillout!
10 months ago – Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 02:31:48 AM


50 Denomination Chip available as add on and incorporated into 200 and 400 boxes. 400 Printed Box available as pledge level or Upgrade Path. 22 chip fillout sleeve without box or tray available as add-on, and incorporated into Upgrade Paths. Plus, Iron Spades cardistry from Tantrum House!

The Big 5-0!

All through the campaign, we've been collecting your comments, suggestions, ideas, and feedback. One of the most common requests has been for more denominations, and the most commonly requested has been the 50.

We're tremendously happy to announce that the manufacturer has worked with us to add one final denomination to the project.

And here it is!

This chip has already been incorporated into the chipsets for the 200 and 400 level box pledges, and will also be available in add-on sleeves of 20 as well. All of the upgrade paths have been modified to include a sleeve of 50s.

Changes to the 200 level Chipset:               

  • 1 sleeve of 10s replaced by 1 sleeve of 50s 
  • Total bank size increases (now 14,240)

Changes to the 400 level Chipset:         

  • 1 sleeve of 10s replaced by 1 sleeve of 50s
  • Total bank size increases (now 107,280)

New Pledge Level: 400 Printed Box!

A design for a sturdy, 400 chip Printed Box has been agreed upon and can now be added to the campaign as well!

  • New Pledge level - 400 Chip Printed Box - $182 Canadian                              
    • Contains the denominations in the 400 count picture above (plus four blue trays and lids)
    • BYOB option available for $30 (now cheaper than customizing 2x200)
    • Upgrade Paths to this level have been added.

But wait--there's more! 22 Chip Fillout Sleeve now available!

A special sleeve add-on has been approved, that contains the exact chips you need to fill out one Deluxe edition of Brass (2x5, 10x20, and 10x100), with no box or tray. This saves money on the product, the shipping costs, AND reduces cost, complexity, and leftover chips for customers using their existing chips to fill out Upgrade Path pledges.

Updated Upgrade Paths

You can see the new Upgrade Paths PDF here.

We advise you to review the cost of your pledge, as the cost may have changed due to these improvements and new options. The final charge will still be calculated, including shipping, in the pledge manager after the campaign, at which point you will have the chance to make any required changes or additional add-ons.

A quick note: We've had a lot of messages asking us to double check if your upgrade calculations are correct for the upgrade path you want. We are of course happy to help you double check this! Note that at current messaging levels, it may take 1-3 days for us to respond.


Want to show off your skills using Iron Clays & Spades? We'd love to feature you in our updates! Send us a DM!

We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate our backers and your engagement and support in the comments. Thank you for your continued patience with the process (and with each other!) as we check on the possibility of introducing more of your requests and suggestions.

As a reminder, you can also find us on BGG, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Our next update will be Monday. Everyone, ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!

Keep rollin' sixes,

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley

2K Backers! Over 300% Funded!
10 months ago – Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 02:30:10 AM

TL;DR - Updated upgrade paths chart! Seeking your cardistry tricks! Celebrating 2K backers and SO MUCH community positivity!!!

2K Backers!  Over 300% Funded!

All we can say is--WOW! The support you've shown us over the past 2 days is beyond incredible. THANK YOU! We're now at over 2000 backers, and have funded over 300%.  To celebrate, here's a top-down image of the Iron Clays 400 box:

We are SO happy with how motivational, constructive and respectful everyone has been in the comments! Anyone who's spent a lot of time on Kickstarter knows the comments can sometimes turn negative, so we're grateful that you have collectively taken the high road, both with us and with each other. Our team members take the time to read and analyze all of your feedback, and there have been some suggestions that may become possible; our team and manufacturer are checking the feasibility of them at this very moment. We thank you for your patience as we check into them!

Note - usability is of paramount important to us, so we can only seriously consider requests will improve or retain high usability.  Timelines are another extremely important factor, so requests that could significantly delay the delivery of your reward may not be feasible. 

Ordering multiple pledges

  • If you would like to order more than one of the same pledge or additional pledges of different levels (for example, a box of Iron Clays and a brick of Iron Spades together), simply add the cost of the additional pledge to your total pledge amount.  Don't worry about shipping for now; this will be added in the pledge manager after the conclusion of the campaign.  In fact, you will be able to confirm and manipulate your entire order in the pledge manager.
  • Do add-ons have shipping costs? They do, but these costs are not finalized yet, partly because we want to be able to reduce your shipping if you order multiple pledges or add-ons; we may be able to reduce the charge based on your total order size.  All shipping will be calculated and charged in the pledge manager.

Crazy Cool Cardists!

The incredible Chris Ramsay shows off our wooden chest option at the beginning of this video, which is full of amazing cardists - it’s pretty amazing what they can do with playing cards:

Are you a cardist or magician wanting to show off your skills using Iron Clays & Spades? We want to feature you in our updates! Send us a DM!

Upgrade paths

If you currently own Brass Deluxe, Iron Clays, or both, we’ve created a set of upgrade paths for you. To simplify upgrading you to the each box size and recommended set of denominations, we've created and updated the Iron Clays Upgrade Paths Chart. To use this, find the section for what you already have; this will list the amount you should pledge to get to the level you want to upgrade to. Be aware, many of these packages will result in some of your original chips being left over after the upgrade. Our chips are manufactured and shipped in shrink wrapped sleeves of 20 chips. For example: if you currently have 2 copies of Brass and 2 sets of Iron Clays 100, and you choose to upgrade to Iron Clays 400, you will have 80 “1s” and 16 “5s” left over after upgrading. (You will still have your original boxes and chip trays to store these in.)

Some backers have expressed concern over the number of remainder chips they will have, and asked for more details about them.  We’ve created a second page in the Upgrade Paths document that lets you know how many remainder chips you'll have after your selected upgrade.  This will help you determine if upgrading your existing set is right for you.  For those concerned with excessive leftovers, we've color-coded the upgrade paths on this page to indicate paths that will result in minimal remainders, and which will not. 

Our recommended upgrade paths for those looking to reduce or eliminate remainders are:

  • 1x Brass Deluxe, upgraded to 100 - Remainders: Nothing!
  • 2x Brass Deluxe, upgraded to 200 or 400 - Remainders: 16 x “5s” 
  • 1x Iron Clays 100, upgraded to 200 or 400 - Remainders: 10 x “10s”, 10 x “100s”.
  • 2x Iron Clays 100, upgraded to 400 - Remainders: Nothing!

We're always glad to see our games on social media--so thank you for sharing! Here are some of the latest photos we’ve been tagged in:

Our next update will be Friday, and in the meantime you can catch us in the comments, DM’s, on BGG, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! (Remember: messages may take time to answer, as we continue to receive a very high volume of communication).

Keep rollin' sixes,

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley