Iron Clays & Spades

Created by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games

Our most popular Iron Clays items can now be found at! This page remains open to sell the limited quantities of chip sleeves and wooden boxes we have remaining. Luxury tabletop game counters, elegant storage containers, and beautifully designed playing cards in letter pressed boxes.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

STATUS REPORT - 2019.08.28 - Prepress Complete. Brass: Birmingham returns this month!
over 2 years ago – Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 02:47:51 AM

TL;DR: Prepress complete. Brass: Birmingham is back this month!

Prepress Update

Chip Designs - The manufacturer has now started on mould tooling for the new denominations.  Tooling moulds can take up to 1 month.

Chip Color Samples - We are currently waiting test shots of our selected pantones for new denominations.

200 Wooden Chest - Prepress complete.  These will begin production as soon as the 400 box is declared complete.

200 Printed Box - We are defining embossing areas, as well as the areas we would like to have foiled.

400 Wooden Chest - The manufacturer is currently creating a final "Golden Sample" of this box.  Once this is approved, we will be ready to begin production on both this and the 200 Wooden Chest.

400 Printed Box - Chad Michael finished the printed box design on Monday of this week!  We have a few tweaks to make before we can show it off, but we will be sending off to manufacturer in the next few days.

Iron Spades - The decks have been ordered.  We are waiting for physical proofs from USPCC.

Manufacturing prepress is here!  We have completed all of the graphical assets for the project now.  We are now working with manufacturers on the remaining tooling, pantones, finishes, etc.  Our goal is to have manufacturing in full swing in September.

 Brass: Birmingham is Back!

Shipments of Brass: Birmingham are on the way! If you have a backorder for the Kickstarter Deluxe edition (or if you place one at the Preorder Store), the warehouse should have your copy very soon. 

The dates below indicate when we are expecting stock to arrive in your area; note that it may still take a week or more for your order to ship (and there is still a slim possibility of customs delays beyond anyone's control).

(Note: unfortunately, we cannot combine orders of Brass and the Iron Clays, or other Roxley games, as they are all coming from different shipping waves, different pledge managers/preorder stores, and often from different warehouses.)


USA Fulfillment Center Arrival Estimation: September 6, 2019
Canadian Fulfillment Center Arrival Estimation: September 20, 2019


Germany Fulfillment Center Arrival Estimation: September 6, 2019

Australia / NZ: 

Australia Fulfillment Center Arrival Estimation: Just Arrived!

For Asian Customers: Due to low demand and shipping/customs difficulties, stock was not ordered for your zone. You can still order the game in most locations; it will ship to you automatically from Gameology in Australia instead. They will provide a tracking number, and we estimate that in most locations shipping will take 2-4 weeks (although we cannot guarantee this, as Gameology has not been extensively used for Asian fulfillment before, so neither they nor Roxley have a good baseline as to how long it usually takes).

(Unfortunately, if your country is not in the above zones, we are not able to ship to you using standard shipping solutions. You can email us at if you would like us to request a quote for a special courier shipment to your desired location, but the likely reason your country is not listed is because we cannot promise cost-effective shipping, fast delivery, accurate tracking, easy customs clearance, and/or freedom from other problems customers in your area may have had in the past.)

I just found out about these! Can I still buy some?

Yes you can!

Click here to access the Iron Clays & Iron Spades Preorder Store!

Keep rollin' sixes,

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley

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STATUS REPORT - 2019.08.15 - Prepress Near Completion. Simplified Add-Ons Level Created for Upgrade Backers. Preorders Open to the Public.
over 2 years ago – Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 01:51:55 AM

TL;DR: Prepress continuing on schedule. Manufacturing scheduled to begin next month. Simplified Add-ons Only Pledge level created for Upgrade backers. Preorder store open for the public.

Prepress Update

Chip Designs - All new denominations (50,500,2k) have been approved by the factory! We are now moving forward on the mold creation.  This can take up to a month, but is progressing according to plan; no delays are anticipated.

Chip Color Samples - We have decided to wait on Pantone samples until the moulds for the chips are finished.  Because the chip sides are different for the high-roller 500 and 2K chips, we felt it would be more appropriate to test them on finished chip designs, both individually and alongside the other chips in the set.  We will be using these final samples to test for color deficiency. 

200 Wooden Chest - 100% complete!

200 Printed Box - 100% complete!

400 Wooden Box - Chad has just finished the design of the sides of the box this week.  We are currently waiting for a final production sample from the manufacturer.  We will show some photos when they arrive!

400 Printed Box - This is the last piece to the puzzle. We have a physical design that we are happy with the sturdiness and functionality of now. Chad Michael is creating art for this currently, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of next week. 

Iron Spades - We have completed a digital proof of the decks.  We then move on to physical proofs from USPCC.

Manufacturing prepress approaches!  We have nearly completed all of the project graphics.  Our goal is by the end of this month to move into prepress phase.  In prepress, we will receive digital and physical proofs of all remaining items (many are already done); if these are approved, we will have no remaining barriers to the next big goal: to have manufacturing in full swing in September.

The Upgrades & Add-ons Glitch - And The Easy Solution

Over the last week, our customer service team has spoken with a lot of you in the Upgrades & Add-ons Pledge Level directly; we thank you for checking in with us, and as it turns out, there was a problem. Here's what happened, and what you can do about it if you are affected:

1. It may look like you're paying an extra $19 CAD for your upgrade. We apologize for this lack of clarity; we included information in the survey about this, but it is easy to miss or misunderstand. The short version is, in your final charge summary, you will see "C$19 - Upgrades & Add-Ons" listed as a fee under "Pledge Level". The good news: the shipping charge applied to your pledge has already been reduced by C$19 to compensate for this. (*Exception listed below.)

Example: a US-based backer purchasing an Upgrade from 2xBrass to a 400 Printed Box will be billed C$19 for Upgrades & Add-ons and C$14 for shipping, for a grand total of C$33; a US-based backer who purchases a full 400 Printed Box will be billed C$40 for shipping. (So the Upgrade customer is actually saving C$7 in this case due to the reduced shipping weight).

2. When your shipping total is lower than C$19, or if you don't want any Upgrades, this is unfortunately causing a glitch. (Examples: someone who only wants 1-3 sleeves and/or fillouts; or someone who pledged $19 to keep access to Kickstarter pricing, but wants to order only complete sets). 

To solve this problem, we have created a new Add-ons Only pledge level, which does have a minimum shipping charge of C$9, but will save money for the majority of backers in this category. You've got three options here: you can fix it on your own if you like, by first removing any add-ons you have, changing your pledge level to Add-ons Only, then adding whatever add-ons you want. We can also do this for you; simply email with the list of exactly what you want, we will be happy to set it up and send you the survey back to approve it. (Lastly, we will be doing a search of backers before final billing, to make sure we didn't miss anyone who needs to have this fixed, and reaching out to you about it. We don't want to overcharge any of our supporters.)

We've really strained BackerKit's system with the level of complexity of this campaign, so thank you for bearing with us as we work through the inevitable bugs. (If you've got something not listed here that looks wrong with your pledge, please feel free to message us at and we will be happy to help.)

I just found out about these! Can I still buy some?

As of today, yes you can! 

Click here to access the Iron Clays & Iron Spades Preorder Store!

 Keep rollin' sixes,

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley

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STATUS REPORT - 2019.08.01 - Backer Surveys Have Begun! See Our Convenient "How-To" Videos for Upgrade Paths, Build-Your-Own-Bank, and Changes To Your Pledge
over 2 years ago – Fri, Aug 02, 2019 at 02:21:46 AM

TL;DR: Backer survey emails start going out today. How-To Videos will walk you through Changing Your Pledge Level, Selecting Your Upgrade Path, Building Your Own Bank, and Purchasing Add-Ons. Roxley is not at Gen Con this year - have fun without us!

NEWSFLASH - Surveys Ready To Launch!

Team Roxley has finished setting up the BackerKit surveys, and Backerkit has reviewed and approved the survey and given us approval to launch.  The Iron Clays project is quite complex logistically, with all the different upgrades and options and add-ons offered in the campaign, so there is one final step required; the next step is to send out a “smoke test”: the survey will go out to an initial 5% of backers.  If there are no immediate issues, the remaining 95% of surveys will go out as well.

Once We Launch

Shortly after we launch the surveys you’ll receive an email from us with a special link to your BackerKit survey, which will confirm your pledge amount, allow you to make any changes or add-ons you want, and confirm your shipping information. It’s important to respond to your survey as quickly as you can, since we need this information to fulfill your rewards. 

(If you haven't received the link by email yet, you don’t have access to the survey yet; you don't need to create a BackerKit account or follow up. If you don't receive your email within a couple of days, double check your spam/bulk folder, and then email us at with your Kickstarter username, to make sure we have you in our records.)

Backerkit Survey How-To Videos

Every campaign is someone’s first, and the survey for the Iron Clays & Iron Spades has a lot of options to choose from.  So to make things as straightforward as possible, Adam of Team Roxley has put together some how-to videos to help navigate the Backerkit survey, so even if you are a seasoned veteran, we recommend you check out the ones that apply to you below:

How To Change Your Pledge Level

How To Select Your Upgrade Path

How to Build Your Own Bank

Note: If you added the $30 USD ($41 CAD) Build Your Own Bank fee to your base pledge during the Kickstarter campaign, you have automatically been placed in the Build Your Own Bank pledge level.  (If you are in this pledge level and would rather not be, or if you would like to change your pledge to include the Build Your Own Bank option, this is also explained in the video below.)

How to Add Additional Iron Clays, Iron Spades, Sleeves, & Boxes

Want to add something later? No problem!

After you respond to your survey, you can go back later and change your responses, up until we close the surveys and get our final counts.

If you need to review your information or pledge status, you can return to your survey by clicking the link in your survey email, or requesting your survey link be re-sent under "Lost your survey?" on our BackerKit project page at

If you used your Facebook credentials to log in to your Kickstarter account, the BackerKit survey is sent to the email address you use for your Facebook account. If you have another email address that you prefer to use, or can't access BackerKit using your current one, please contact BackerKit support (see ).

When will surveys be locked?

Our projected date to lock orders and charge credit cards for shipping and add-ons is September 24th, so you have close to 2 months to fill out your survey.  Address changes will still be possible through Backerkit even after your order is locked, up until close to fulfillment time. (You will still be able to place additional orders after this date, but they will be in the Preorder store instead.)


Retailers who filled out the retailer form on the Kickstarter page will be contacted next week with more details and a link to your retailer-specific BackerKit survey.

Our next regular update is scheduled in two weeks' time. For those of you at Gen Con right now, have a great convention; we're sorry we couldn't join you there this year!

As always, if you have any other comments or questions, please email (Please allow a couple of business days for a response, as we are still experiencing a high volume of messaging due to the phenomenal success of the Dice Throne Adventures campaign.)

Keep rollin' sixes,  

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley

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STATUS REPORT – 2019.07.16 – Pledge Manager Near Completion. 500 Design Revealed. Santorini App Released. Join Us Dice Throne Adventures TODAY!
over 2 years ago – Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 10:54:41 PM

TL;DR: Pledge Manager near completion; still expected this month. 500 design below. Santorini App is now available on Google Play and in the Apple Store. Dice Throne Adventures and Season One: Rerolled launch TODAY; join us for a live playthrough with the creators!

Pledge Manager Near Completion

Adam, our resident logistics and data wizard has created the initial structure for the pledge manager, and we've been finalizing and locking down the options within it. Our target was to send surveys to you for this later this month; we are still on track for this.

Our goal is to provide all the information and flexibility you need, while still keeping the survey as clear and easy to use as possible. This is particularly challenging for the Upgrades & Add-ons Pledge Level and the Build Your Own Bank options, but our initial structure looks good for both. 

Retailer information will be sent later this month as well.

(If you're not currently pledged and would like an alert when the Preorder store goes live, you can still sign up for one at

500 Design Revealed!

While Team Roxley must focus heavily on Dice Throne Adventures for the next few weeks, this is actually timed quite well; it will not slow down Chad Michael's designing in any way, nor will it affect the manufacturer working on the CNC mould. So prepress work remains on schedule.

We look forward to showing you more in future updates!

The Santorini app is now LIVE!

The Santorini app is now available from both the Apple Store and Google Play! The base game is $4.99, and similar to the board game, includes fully functionality and a wide selection of characters (34 included; up to 25 more can be purchased in packs of 5 for $1.99, or all at once for a discounted price of $8.99. Note that purchased gods must still be unlocked in Odyssey mode, but are available in all other modes.)

The Santorini Companion that provides features to enhance your physical game experience, including god selection, updated tutorial videos, and game logging remains 100% free!

Dice Throne Adventures Launches TODAY! Join us for the Live Playthrough!

If you've been curious about Dice Throne Adventures (or Dice Throne in general), tonight would be the perfect time for you to learn more! Join creators Nate Chatellier and Manny Trembley for a live playthrough of a demo scenario at 6 PM PDT (9 PM EST, 1 AM GMT). 

We're so excited to be sharing this new adventure - Click here to join us!

Keep rollin' sixes,

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley

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STATUS REPORT – 2019.07.04 – 500 Clay Design, Pledge Manager and Santorini App this month!
over 2 years ago – Fri, Jul 05, 2019 at 01:36:56 AM

TL;DR: 500 Clay Design, Pledge Manager surveys later this month, Santorini App releases this month, Dice Throne Adventures and Season One Remaster launches July 16th. Happy July 4th to our American friends!

Kickstarter Payment Issues?

Kickstarter has finished resolving payments for this campaign. If your payment was not accepted, they will no longer attempt to resolve it for you. (You can reach them at for any questions or outstanding issues.) If this means you missed the campaign (or if you’re just discovering it now), you can still get on board when the pledge manager opens; sign up for an alert here. (If you have any trouble with the pledge manager, message us for support at

When do we get the Pledge Manager?

This month! #StayTuned for the specific date.

We wanted you to have a lot of options in this campaign, so this is the most complex pledge manager Team Roxley has ever put together. While most of the work has been done, we intentionally budgeted extra time to double and triple check all the numbers, to clarify the wording and options as much as possible, and to run numerous tests to discover and address any issues before sending your surveys. We wouldn’t release a game to you without thorough diligence, and we don't plan to do any less with the pledge manager. 

Prepress Update

Chip Designs - The proposed 50 and 2k chip designs have been accepted by the factory.  We are currently working through iterations of the 500 chip.  We will reveal the final design of the 500 chip in the next update!  Once these are nailed, we will be creating a new inner CNC mould (a huge steel mould used to inject the chips) for the new denominations. 

Chip Color Samples - While the chip designs are being finalized, we're also getting Pantone samples from the factory to nail down the final color.  Our intention is to match the colors shown on the campaign page as closely as possible.  We will also be testing for color deficiency compatibility with our color blind friends, as well as with software designed specifically for this.

200 Wooden Chest - Chad Michael finished the final revisions to this artwork in the last few weeks. This is now complete!

200 Printed Box - Chad Michael is working on specific art for this over the next few weeks.

400 Wooden Box - Chad Michael is creating art for the remaining sides this month.

400 Printed Box - We received our first white sample of the proposed 400 printed box.  It is about 80% good.  We've gone back to the manufacturer with a few revisions to increase the strength of the box, but we are impressed with what we've seen so far.  Once the design is nailed, we will send die lines to Chad Michael, who will create the artwork for it.

Iron Spades - These designs are final. Dan & Dave will be returning from a long trip to Japan very soon, and we'll begin the process of getting these printed at USPCC!

Santorini App Releasing This Month!

Fans of our game Santorini will be happy to hear that the long-awaited Santorini app will be available this month, in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store!


• Adventure through the land of Santorini in single player Odyssey mode, or play with a friend in pass-and-play or online modes

• Five levels of AI to challenge, from “Novice”, to the insanely skilled "Godlike"!

• Playing a physical copy of the game? Use the "Helper" to draft or randomly select gods from the base game, Golden Fleece, promotional characters, or recommended Balanced Matchups for competitive play

• God power tutorial videos at the press of a button

• Beautifully rendered 3D play area

• Fully orchestrated sound track

For an alert when it launches, sign up here!

Operators are Standing By

Team Roxley continue to welcome your comments and questions! As always, our intention is to listen to and answer them all, but with the pledge manager, the Santorini App, and Dice Throne Adventures all happening at once, the volume of incoming messages we expect in the next several weeks to be the highest we've ever seen, so we appreciate your patience with response time.

We have planned for this. New staff have already been hired and trained to meet the increased demand. But you can help too, by making sure any questions you have are sent via the best available channel. For most customer service questions, that means email; you can reach us directly at (We'll continue to monitor social media and Kickstarter comments, but it may take longer to get a response, and the team member who helps may have to direct you back to sending an email anyways.).

(If your message is seeking more specifics about the pledge manager options, pricing, shipping, and/or retailer pledge information, please do your best to #StayTuned! All of this will be sent out when we have it confirmed and ready to release.)

For general news and updates, as always, follow us on BoardGameGeek, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and right here on Kickstarter.

Our next status update is scheduled for July 18th (we may send it to you earlier that week, to avoid interfering with the customer service for Dice Throne Adventures).

Keep rollin' sixes,

Gavan Brown & Team Roxley